Dear Ireland,

You are a beautiful, kind country of wonderful writers and poets, animators, authors, painters, buskers, comedians, actors, musicians, and dancers.

You’ve given the world Bacon, and Joyce, Saoirse Ronan, Sally Rooney, U2 and the Corrs.

You travel the world spreading your joy and good humor.

We artists and creative people of the world would love to come and work with and amongst you.

BUT for those of us without the luck of an Irish grandparent, an Irish spouse, or to be born in Europe, there is currently no route.

We are advocating for and asking you to consider the launch of a global arts visa in Ireland. Similar to the Freiberufler in Berlin or the route provided by the Dutch American Friendship Treaty and the Dutch Japanese Trade Treaty in The Netherlands… If you support yourself with your creative work, do not take employment, have no criminal record, maintain a minimum bank balance and do not require state assistance you should be able to join the creative community in Ireland.

The Visa Rules We Are Advocating For:

  1. You are self-employed in a creative profession.
  2. You do not take an Irish job or local employment.
  3. You have no access to state assistance at any time.
  4. You register as a sole proprietor or limited company with the Companies Registration Office for your creative work.
  5. You place at least 1 year of Irish minimum wage in an Irish Bank Account and it must be there at each yearly renewal (Currently €1,656.20 x 12 or €19874.40)
  6. You provide evidence from every country you have lived in as an adult of a clean criminal record
  7. You pay a health surcharge and/or take private insurance and provide proof.
  8. The visa renews yearly until 5 years when like any other visa holder you may apply for leave to remain/permanent residency.
  9. You may bring a partner with an additional money requirement (€10,000?)
  10. You may apply from within Ireland or at an Irish Consulate in your current country of residence.

The World’s Artists

*** We are in the early stages of advocating for this visa in Ireland and are working to build momentum. If this idea resonates with you please do what you can to get others involved. Follow us on Twitter, become a supporter, or go huge and do both. It’s the easiest way for us to organize attention when we need it and to let you know of our progress as we make it.